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My name is Mary Arnone and have been in practice since 2003. I feel that both relaxation and therapeutic techniques are equally important and am not only trained in Spa, but also to assess and apply techniques which include medical massage, manual therapy and joint mobilization.

I believe continuing education is an important component of staying active in the massage profession and am committed to regular upgrading in order to give you the benefit of the most current research and treatments.


You will:

• receive the full massage time you pay for; I will not deduct time for you changing your clothes.

• be allowed and encouraged to develop a professional relationship with me, your therapist

• be given time to discuss any questions or concerns you have prior to each session

• be consulted by me prior to the first session

As my commitment to you, I shall: 

•  always measure success by quality of care before profit. 
• not rush you
• strive for no back to back bookings
•  foster an environment of learning 
•  challenge an emerging cookie-cutter industry and lead by example
• treat each person as an individual. I feel it is impossible to offer a quality massage and a disservice to clients repeating the same massage to all who enter my door
• uphold the standards of a medical practice and refer you to other professionals and solutions as needed


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Imagine a world where we appreciate the body we live in. Where we understand that to be our best and live long, healthy and vital lives, this body needs and deserves attention. While exercise is a crucial part of vital health, it asks of, rather than supports. It is only part of the overall health equation. Massage completes that. It can be nurturing; it can be restorative; and it also can be therapeutic dependent on the chosen technique applied. It shows your body you are aware and care. 

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