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Emotion Code/Body Code

Both Emotion Code and Body Code are a form of energy healing. Dr. Bradley Nelson, the developer of the two Codes, found that when working on his patients, beneath their physical symptoms there seemed to be an emotional component. This emotional component seemed to cause either a delay in healing, or actually prevented healing altogether. Dr. Nelson began identifying and releasing emotions that had become trapped in his patients’ bodies. The results were positive. He codified the method, and in 2007, his book The Emotion Code, was released.

Over time, Dr. Nelson discovered that Trapped Emotions are the most common cause of imbalance in the body/mind, and these imbalances cause a wide array of emotional and physical symptoms. Dr. Nelson continued using and developing his method. He realized that there were  other causes of imbalance as well. These factors were more physical. Most often, Trapped Emotions were negatively influenced these physical components. He then added additional factors to his method, and called this more comprehensive system The Body Cod

 To perform this work, one becomes certified first in The Emotion Code. This is important because, as  stated above, Trapped Emotions are the single most common cause of imbalance in the body/mind, and also underlie most of the imbalances caused by the other components. Certification in The Body Code can follow and encompasses working with all the components identified by Dr. Nelson. I am certified in both, and use the comprehensive Body Code System in my work.