Swedish Massage

Originating in the 1700s, the Swedish massage is considered to be one of the first types of massage to be developed. Over the years it has evolved into a popular therapy, known for its five core techniques. These are: 

    •    Effleurage - Long gliding strokes.

    •    Petrissage - Lifting and kneading the muscles.

    •    Friction: Firm - Deep circular rubbing movements.

    •    Tapotement - Brisk tapping or percussive movements.

    •    Vibration - Rapidly shaking or vibrating specific muscles. 

The aim of Swedish massage is to increase the body's absorption of oxygen, which helps the body to rejuvenate. It also contributes to the detoxification process, which speeds up the rate at which cells eliminate waste. This process involves flushing lactic acid, uric acid and other waste from the tissues. 

Swedish massage helps stimulate the skin and nervous system, and exercises the ligaments and tendons to keep them supple. The entire process is very relaxing and is championed for its ability to reduce both emotional and physical stress. 

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